Add Excitement To Your Event
With The Hole In One Prize Program

Select your own grand prize...a new car, a boat,
a motorcycle, a dream vacation or cash.
The choice is yours.
And we'll give you three other fabulous bonus prizes for your tournament... absolutely free

You can have a grand prize of your choice plus 3 bonus prizes ...a Golf Vacation, a Bahamas Cruise
and a set of golf clubs.

4 Prizes...4 Chances To Win

You'll also receive customized, all-weather prize signs
for each hole and a complimentary Golf Kit
for each player in your event.

The bonus prizes, the prize signs and Golf Kits are free.

You can fund this exciting program by building it
into your tournament budget.

If you wish to offer a car, a motorcycle or a boat as
your grand prize, contact your local dealer and he may
well fund the program from their advertising budget.

How about cash as a grand prize.
Cash fits into everybody's pocket.

Internet Special
With our Internet Special you can offer a $10,000
grand prize and our three bonus prizes for only $299


Free customized 24"x24" prize signs

Prices include UPS ground shipment
when booked 10 days prior to event.

Additional charges for express shipment.

No extra or hidden charges.

With our inexpensive Hole In One Prize Program, you can offer a grand prize and
3 other fabulous prizes at no absolutely risk.

When a lucky golfer shoots an ace on a hole, you're covered and we promptly award the prize on your behalf directly to the winner.

Our price is based on the value of the grand prize and the number of players.

Call or click for a quote.

$10,000 SPECIAL



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